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What to expect from your first visit

We understand that your first visit can be overwhelming. The Royal family is here to walk you through the process!


You must schedule a time to come in and receive a consultation from someone on the Royal team. This consult helps us better understand how we can best suit your needs. Depending on what you are most interested in, we will book this consultation during the class that matches your interests.


A consult will be approximately 45 minutes to one hour. Should you like what you see, we will go over the enroll process with you and book a one-hour orientation, which is covered by your enrollment fee. All pricing and membership options depend on your commitment level and are discussed during your consultation.


The best way to make an informed decision for yourself is taking the first step to come in to see the facility and get a feel for the Royal family. Call or E-mail Royal MMA today to start your personal journey in mixed martial arts.

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