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The Royal Standard

At Royal MMA, we take the highest standards of health, safety, and cleanliness into consideration. We use innovative and eco-friendly technology to kill bacteria and viruses in the air. Additionally, we expect our members to follow our guidelines for personal cleanliness to ensure our academy is safe and clean.


Like a boxing match, defeat is declared not when you fall, but when you refuse to stand again. Each one of our members will experience what might feel like defeat. At Royal MMA, you are a part of the pack. You will get up again. No lion left behind. 



Here at Royal MMA we take pride in our pack. We provide a friendly and safe environment where you can comfortably learn all the different martial art forms. Whether you are a high level competitor or a recreational student, you will be treated with humility and respect. We are a part of the Royal family, adopting the philosophy of:

"You win some, you learn some."


Join the family, join the pack.


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